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From Above Graphic Novel



Collates Issues 1-6 of the futuristic vigilante series.

Melbourne City.

A sprawling metropolis built upon the
foundations of what was once known
as the state of Victoria.

Globalisation has seen governments
crumble and private corporations
rise to rule and police their own

For those that live within the fortified
walls of these corporate utopias life
can be good.

But for the less fortunate there just
exists the day to day struggle; Trying
to eek out an existence in a volatile
and dangerous world.

Superpowered 'Alphas', unchecked
technological advancements, and a
society where traditional morality is
a long forgotten concept.

The future is a dangerous place and
there are so very few that will stand
up for the common folk.

Yet, in the face of such adversity,
sometimes there are those who will
make a stand for what is just...